her first bruised fall.

promised the little one that today morning, we will wake up feeling fresh and cook for her daddy. exactly at 5am, she woke up smiling away(minus the small faint cry). she was perspiring and sweaty. it’s a no aircon night for us. the whole parental care is down with fever and cough. yep, Alawiyah you are the strongest link. Still well and awesome.

brought her along to the kitchen ad cook. one thing fr sure, I’m excited to see her grow up and learn to cook like how I did with Ibu. started to cooked at a tender age of 9yrs old. cooking was fun (at times) back then.

Anyway, she had a first bruised fall yesterday night while trying to crawl at a distant. cried a million tears that only poor nippy can cure her tears. oh dear, I foresee more falls soon cos this girl won’t be sitting and act pretty. She is one active little baby.