the sudden plunge

dear alawiyah

my biggest and greatest fear unfolding again. my dearest boobie is not making much milk. i am seriously not tempted to start you on formula. don’t even start with the list of good formula to me cause seriously, i know too many that is genuinely not good enough comparing to my boobie milk. i seriously hope the amount of soup and h2o that i drown myself could somehow jump-start my supply again. don’t start with preaching me on the amount of rest i need. a full time working mother has no rest. i am not stress each time i come home. my life seems complete each time i come back from work.

alawiyah, i need your favour. you got to latch as hard as you did months ago when you first started with this breastfeeding business with me. you can’t ditch on me, yet. we had a contract. it stated clearly 2 years so you, got to do your job just as i am doing mine. yes, you are latching on me 24hours but please, the other boobie needs some suckling too. your dearest mother is suepr loopsided thanks to you!

*cries cries cries*

let’s hope this sudden drop of milk supply is because of auntie flo. really wishing to feed you till you turns 2years baby. really.

hugs & kisses,
ur mother who badly wanna keep up with the breastfeeding business.



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