coffee & milkshake promises

dear alawiyah,

today i promised you that we would visit the library, have coffee & milkshake by the bookstore and sing to the sun just so it would rain cats & dog. i’m sorry, housework chores are majorly irritating me to the maximum level that i have to break each of our promises. 😦 sorry la, ibu is busy almost everyday. but to have you with me the whole day, put smiles on my tired and exhausted face.

lunch was fun. we had chicken (huge huge huge ones!) and plain boring porridge. you are growing too fast, baby! you used to depend only on my golden milk but now, you wash down your meals with my milk instead. i feel so not appreciated but oh wells, that means you are growing BIG!
best motivation for today was when you show signs of jealousy and the great determination to crawl. you are doing it, oh so slowly. really, bubu i dont mind you being slow in your development you are special. you can take the whole life time to do each special and important development you are no genius. you are damn special. at least you are talking too much. yes, those baby talks which i hardly understand or i choose to pretend to understand.

dear bubu, please control your temper when i am not around you. you got to learn that ibu have to work for your beautiful room. i need to work for our future. remember, we are going to the big L soon. we need the moolah for it. we need to save up for your education and you should jolly know that Singapore is all about moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooney!
dear bubu, i will try my very best to bring you out tmr.


(u merajok with me)

(whats with you and remote control?)




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