the big leap

a swim after 6 months into the world. my apology for the super long delay on that huge big swimming pool, little warrior. i promise to train you for the big world but work has been a bull and i had to struggle with all the outstanding demands of the other humans that i sorta neglected you (in this area only!)
it’s weird how you actually cried the moment we get further into the pool. you were such a fierce little one in our own mini pool back at home but when you get the huge amazon pool, you wail like a little baby. opps, yes yes yes. i forgot you are still a baby.
the moment you put ur head on my shoulder, i knew it. you got bored and needed that sleep. yes, you slept in the big huge amazon pool, swarmed by the humanoid! funny little being.
did i tell you, i love you.
ps, Happy 6th month little earthling!




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